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NeuroColor exists because the field of neuroscience is providing insight into the biological reasons why each of us thinks, acts, and communicates the way we do. Through NeuroColor’s training and data, we enable companies to leverage employees’ natural strengths and build more effective teams. At the individual level, we empower you to improve communication, understanding, and engagement in your organization and beyond.

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This really helped me understand myself and my team better than any tool I’ve (taken) in the past.
—Fortune 500 Client
I changed everything about how I approached a client based on what I learned from you and the next day we landed a multi-million dollar account.
—Big 4 Accounting and Consulting Client

“Through NeuroColor, we discovered that our team is high in yellow traits and limited in blue. To keep us accountable and on schedule, we created a tracker where we list action items that we review at the beginning of each meeting. Self-awareness about our capabilities and challenges has strengthened us as a team.”

—Global Online Marketplace

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NeuroColor Featured in Harvard Business Review Again!

Diversity of thought

In her just-released Harvard Business Review article (“5 Ways Managers Can Support Neurosignature Diversity at Work”), NeuroColor Advisory Board Member Friederike Fabritius references NeuroColor co-founders Dr. Helen Fisher and David Labno – and encapsulates their concepts of neurosignature and diversity of thought in her hands-on advice for leaders.

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