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NeuroColor Featured in Harvard Business Review Again!

Diversity of thought

In her just-released Harvard Business Review article (“5 Ways Managers Can Support Neurosignature Diversity at Work”), NeuroColor Advisory Board Member Friederike Fabritius references NeuroColor co-founders Dr. Helen Fisher and David Labno – and encapsulates their concepts of neurosignature and diversity of thought in her hands-on advice for leaders.

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Why NeuroColor?


Dr. Fisher provides a short overview of her breakthrough discoveries in the fields of personality and neuroscience.

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NeuroColor is proud to be a sponsor of the Aspirnaut™program!

Diversity of thought

NeuroColor is proud to be a returning sponsor of the Aspirnaut program, a summer research internship program that provides students from rural and diverse backgrounds with STEM opportunities and research experience at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

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What Can Sign Language Educators Teach Us About Communicating at Work?


For the last year, two smiling British women have been our special needs daughter’s top pick on YouTube Kids. They move to the music and sign in Makaton sign language while covering popular songs with kid appeal – from the classic “Wheels on the Bus” to Katy Perry’s “Firework.” And their approach has surprising application to workplace communication.

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Discover the Power of Being a NeuroColor Certified Trainer


Upcoming Virtual Certification – November 13th, 14th and 17th, 2023. In-Person Certification in Singapore – November 30th – December 1st.

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Are You an Outgoing Introvert? Why Introversion Matters in the Virtual Workplace!


You’re talkative, comfortable with people and…an introvert? You’re not alone. Even if this isn’t you, keep reading. The level of introversion on your team likely still affects your work and productivity, especially in remote work.

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People Are Fascinated by What Others Think of Them


Most of us are curious about what others think of us. We are the best people on the planet to know exactly what we think and feel, but we don’t always know how our approach comes across to others.

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