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From pharma and manufacturing to nonprofit and government, better understanding of the brain leads to better workplace strategies. Discover how NeuroColor can help you improve communication, boost innovation, and better leverage data and insights.


Utilize science to improve communication + effectiveness
When a multinational conglomerate solicited expertise for creating teams at new facilities around the world, NeuroColor provided a scientific solution. In your own workplace, imagine the possibilities when team members start understanding how and why their colleagues behave and communicate in different ways. Neuroscience builds dialogue and encourages a diversity of ideas found in high-performance teams.


Train excellent leaders using neuroscientific methods
A pharmaceutical company sought a formula for better developing and supporting leaders. NeuroColor’s strategy resulted in stress reduction, more workplace satisfaction, and better performance. Solutions like this are attainable with NeuroColor’s leadership programs. Based on the traits and preferences revealed through NeuroColor’s personality assessment, we take a neuroscientific approach to leverage leaders’ natural strengths and work around shortcomings.


Leverage wisdom + ideas from new cognitive perspectives
Even after a multinational food manufacturer had implemented diversity initiatives, its decision-making continued to be shaped by people with a similar personality style. Despite achieving diversity around gender, race, ethnicity, age, and sexual orientation, many team members didn’t feel connected. The company turned to NeuroColor and discovered that an understanding of cognitive diversity can lead to higher engagement and fresh ideas, as well as better problem-solving. Level up your own D&I program with brain-based strategies designed for successful business outcomes.

Sales + Influencing

Take a scientific approach to persuasion
When a global consulting company requested a strategy for winning a luxury brand, NeuroColor provided insights that helped sign the business. The outcome speaks to the simplicity of NeuroColor: understand the four brain systems identified by Dr. Fisher and you can understand—and influence—anyone. Whether your teams need to win multi-million-dollar accounts, influence key individuals, or sell ideas upstream, NeuroColor can provide your roadmap.

Data Analytics

Tap into the power of biology for behavioral insights
When an energy company needed to understand which demographic would be most receptive to renewable technology—and why—NeuroColor delivered rich insights. Go beyond statistics to understand the deep, biological motivations behind the data. From decoding patterns in statistically significant samples of entire industries to predicting team combinations that are more likely to succeed or fail, NeuroColor can bring your data to three-dimensional life.

Development + Coaching

Use NeuroColor’s personality insights to motivate action + maintain new habits
An executive at an athletic retailer needed to adapt her approach to lead more effectively in a reactive, chaotic culture. She trusted NeuroColor for a plan grounded in neuroscience. Elevate coaching and professional development to a brain-based level with NeuroColor. Whether you’re coaching one individual or thousands, our experienced consultants and coaches will guide the transformation.


Take a proven scientific approach to the often haphazard process of innovating
An international building materials company was struggling to improve its safety record, so it turned to NeuroColor for inventive solutions. Introducing neuroscience into your ideation sessions and evaluation process provides a new and systematic way of approaching innovation. Using a brain-based framework and proven methodology, NeuroColor’s consultants can enable your org to innovate incrementally or disrupt your entire industry.

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Made-to-order solutions for your enigma, pain point, or conundrum
Many of NeuroColor’s most exciting projects have been suggested by clients like you. Whether you’re pursuing not-yet-imagined communication tools, save-the-planet strategies, or something less tangible, our experienced team exists to bring your dream to fruition.

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