What does science have to do with personality…or my business?

Between what-kind-of-hedgehog-are-you quizzes (thanks, Buzzfeed) and century-old pseudoscience, personality assessments have a credibility problem. And at NeuroColor, we’re leading the charge against stereotyping and junk science.

Our personality inventory is based in biological science and validated with fMRI, as well as big data. We’ve applied the research of scientist, scholar, and TED-All-Star Dr. Helen Fisher in order to improve workplace communication and create better business outcomes. Since 2015, NeuroColor has been enhancing performance and engagement for nonprofits and government agencies, as well as the world’s largest brands in tech, consulting, energy, pharma, banking, and academia.

More about the science, please

“If you understand how the brain works, you can reach anyone.”

— Dr. Fisher, Harvard Business Review

Dr. Fisher’s research is based on modern biology and neuroscience, which focus on how the brain works and the biological reasons we think and act the way we do. Through her research—and work with 16 million people—she identified four broad brain systems that link to distinct personality traits and a specific hormone or neurotransmitter. These four brain systems form the basis of NeuroColor’s revolutionary approach.

From leaders to assistants, anyone with a NeuroColor report can improve decision-making and collaboration; enhance communication and understanding; and influence and innovate more effectively. If you understand NeuroColor, you can understand anyone.

How Can You Use NeuroColor?


Utilize science to improve communication + effectiveness


Train excellent leaders using neuroscientific methods

Diversity + Inclusion

Leverage wisdom + ideas from new cognitive perspectives

Sales + Influencing

Take a scientific approach to persuasion

Development + Coaching

Use NeuroColor's personality insights to motivate action + maintain new habits

Data Analytics

Tap into the power of biology for behavioral insights


Take a proven scientific approach to the often haphazard process of innovating

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Made-to-order solutions for your enigma, pain point, or conundrum

How Do We Put Neuroscience + Personality to Work?

The global energy company that needed to understand which customers would be most receptive to renewable technology. A national veterinary network seeking a new roadmap for communication. The international building-materials business on a mission to improve its safety record. Diverse industries like these are turning to NeuroColor for solutions.

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